About the Author

Tabitha is a southern girl from North Carolina but has lived over half her life in Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of Meredith College with a degree in Mathematics. It was during her college years that her life was radically changed by her discovery of an ongoing, daily walk with Jesus through the ministry of CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ). Through that ministry, she met her husband, Steve. Together, they have passionately pursued ministry opportunities throughout their marriage.

They have four sons, Joshua, Caleb, Nathan, and Isaac who not only call Tabitha “mom,” but also, “teacher,” as they are a homeschool family.

Tabitha is passionate about God’s Word and the life changing truths found in it. She loves reading it, writing about it, and challenging others to do the same.

She has written and taught several Bible Studies for women, and loves speaking at women's and girl's events. Anytime she can write or talk about God's Word and His great love for us is such a blessing. She always learns and gleans far more than she teaches or gives.

Her highest calling is to know Him and make Him known. Her heart’s desire is to do that everyday, first in her home, and then wherever He calls her to “go.” She wants her words and the way she lives her life to point others to His Word and the way He lived and died and rose again to bring life everlasting and abundant to all who believe and receive.